Boley 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12″ Dinosaur Set – Great for Young Kids, Children, Toddlers – Dinosaur Toy Playset Great As Kids Dinosaurs Toys, Dinosaur Party Favors, and Dinosaur Party Supplies! - 5 Dino Set

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  • WHAT'S INSIDE: Boley's 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12" Dinosaur Set comes with 3 large, soft, and sturdy dinosaur action figures! This jumbo dinosaur playset is very durable and able to withstand repeated rough play, so feel free take these dinosaur figures to the park with you and your children!
  • PERFECT FOR GROWING MINDS: Boley's 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12" Dinosaur Set is perfect for providing hours of endless imaginative fun as well as developing growing minds! Perfect for both boys and girls, this variety pack of a jumbo T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Brontosaurus will fill any Jurassic World created in your child's imagination!
  • CHILD FRIENDLY & ALWAYS SAFE: As a global toy company, Boley's #1 priority is child safety. All of our toys are always 100% nontoxic, 100% lead-free, and 100% free of phthalates. We adhere to US and ASTM safety standards, rigorously test our toys, and have our toys certified by independent labs for quality assurance. Boley proudly supports the standards established by ASTM, SCAN, BSCI, SMETA, Sedex, ICTI Care, and more. Please note this particular toy is designed for children ages 2 and up.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: When you purchase a toy from Boley, you purchase more than just a high-quality educational toy – you gain confidence knowing Boley will always provide you with amazing customer service. If for any reason, your purchase requires service or you have questions, you can contact Amazon directly for a replacement or refund, or contact Boley by clicking "Sold by Boley Corporation" and then clicking on the "Ask A Question" button for helpful and friendly customer service!
  • LOOKING FOR MORE? Boley offers a diverse variety of kids' toys on Amazon. From play kitchen sets with food, pretend play cash register sets, toy banking sets with play money, dollhouses, race cars and toy trucks, fun bath toys, construction sets, legendary dinosaur sets, and other learning lootboxes, Boley has you covered! Simply search "Boley" or click on our store name to find the hundreds of educational and action-packed toys we offer to bring life, love, and laughter to families everywhere!

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Boley 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12" Dinosaur Set - Great for Young Kids, Children, Toddlers - Dinosaur Toy Playset Great As Kids Dinosaurs Toys, Dinosaur Party Favors, and Dinosaur Party Supplies!

Boley 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12" Dinosaur Set - Great for Young Kids, Children, Toddlers - Dinosaur Toy Playset Great As Kids Dinosaurs Toys, Dinosaur Party Favors, and Dinosaur Party Supplies!

Boley 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12" Dinosaur Set - Great for Young Kids, Children, Toddlers - Dinosaur Toy Playset Great As Kids Dinosaurs Toys, Dinosaur Party Favors, and Dinosaur Party Supplies!

Boley 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12" Dinosaur Set - Great for Young Kids, Children, Toddlers - Dinosaur Toy Playset Great As Kids Dinosaurs Toys, Dinosaur Party Favors, and Dinosaur Party Supplies!

Boley 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12" Dinosaur Set - Great for Young Kids, Children, Toddlers - Dinosaur Toy Playset Great As Kids Dinosaurs Toys, Dinosaur Party Favors, and Dinosaur Party Supplies!

Boley 3 Pack Monster Jumbo 12" Dinosaur Set - Great for Young Kids, Children, Toddlers - Dinosaur Toy Playset Great As Kids Dinosaurs Toys, Dinosaur Party Favors, and Dinosaur Party Supplies!

Product description

boley where the action is, designs and manufactures fun childrens toys for kids of all ages

three young diverse and multiethnic kids happily play together with beach sand toys for water

a young child laughs and plays with two boley jurassic t-rex dinosaur toys in a beautiful home

a young girl plays with a blue toy cash register, pretend playing and practicing math skills

Always Kid-Friendly

All of our toys at Boley are specially crafted with child safety in mind, first and foremost. Toys made by Boley are designed to withstand even the roughest play, and are constructed with 100% non-toxic materials. Children and adults vigorously play-test our toys throughout our design process, and an independent lab tests and certifies each and every batch of toys for safety and quality. Rest easy knowing Boley toys are always tons of fun and 100% child-friendly.

The Boley Story

Boley was founded in 1981 by parents who believe that children are at their best when they engage in creative play that opens their minds to infinite possibilities and ideas. Boley facilitates that very special experience by providing action-packed and engaging toys that fill your home with life, love, and laughter. Boley?s excellence in toy development has been recognized by our partnerships with global retailers including Target, Walmart, Dollar General, and more!

Lifetime Learners

Boley believes all children grow up to be lifetime learners, and that the learning process is especially critical in their crucial early years. Some of our toys facilitate development of fine motor skills, cognitive learning, and problem-solving. Other toys focus on early education such as language, memory, vocabulary, and communication. With each new toy we create, we open new avenues to challenge and educate children in fun, engaging, and family-friendly ways!

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a gigantic soft and cuddly but still fierce t-rex, brontosaurus, and velociraptor are ready for play
Legendary Learning is Boley's educational brand teaching kids about great prehistoric dinos

Legendary Learning

Gargantuan Dinosaur Playset

Every Legendary Learning Dinosaur Set by Boley is a brand new opportunity for your child to dive into the world of exciting prehistoric creatures that once ruled the earth! Dinosaurs are real-life wonders of the world, with many weighing dozens of tons or towering over trees. Allow your children to experience the great and mighty creatures of old that dominated the world as apex predators. Early education has never been so exciting, wonderful, and awe-inspiring! Boley offers a wide variety of dinosaur sets with unique styles, different species of dinosaurs, and varying levels of fierceness catered to younger and older audiences. Embark on a legendary prehistoric adventure, and you’ll find that we never outgrow the child-like awe, imagination, and thrill that is inspired by the awesome and mighty dinosaurs from ages past.

Life Cannot Be Contained

  • Educational Dino Set

  • Realistic Dinosaur Set

  • Hyper-Realistic Dinosaur Set

  • Roaring T-Rex Play Set

  • Miniature Dinosaurs

  • Jumbo Dinosaurs

  • Jurassic Dinosaur Set

  • Classic Dinosaur Set

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Boley only uses certified manufacturing facilities that comply with the strictest standards


3 Dino Set, 5 Dino Set

  1. Avatar

    Perfect. Perfect size, great quality and fabulous price. My 2 year old LOVES them!

  2. Avatar

    I read the reviews before purchasing so i knew they were going to be smaller than most of the ones we already have. My son just loves playing with dinosaurs and I especially love the big soft plastic ones. They came fast. The price was good. The panting details and bright colors are fun for imaginative play. Also as another person mentioned in a review they came in a nice white box inside the amazon box that had a picture of the dinosaurs on it. I like that it was nicely packed if i wanted it to be a great birthday gift. Would recommend others to buy this toy.

  3. Avatar

    Love these dinosaurs!! They are large but not too big to carry around on errands. The price for all 3 is what I have seen for just one at local stores. Another plus: they are not hard plastic. They have some softness to them, which is great when a 3 year old throws them in attempt to play!! Lol!

  4. Avatar

    These are perfect for all ages because they’re soft and large enough where you don’t worry about a small child eating it. I originally got these for my 3 year old to play with and he loves it but my almost 1 year old has also gotten a hold of them and loves playing with them too. And I don’t have to worry that if my older son may “accidentally” hit my younger one with it, it will not hurt him. Would definitely recommend!

  5. Avatar

    My 3 year old grandson loved the dinosaurs. They are good quality and sturdy yet soft enough to be able to play with easily. He enjoys having the set so that he can act the dinosaurs fighting.

  6. Avatar

    I ordered these for a Grandma Party for my grandsons. They were of better quality than I expected for the reasonable price I paid for them. I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find not only were the colors vibrant and appropriate but they were not a rigidly hard plastic they are soft to the touch. I was pleased in every way with my purchase!

  7. Avatar

    I have no idea what some commenters are sayimg about the figures not looking realisitc. They are Soo real looking. I like that the material is plastic but sort of plushy. They’re huge. My son loves them Soo demg much. I got it for Christmas wayyy ahead of time but husband and I agreed that we had to give him one

  8. Avatar

    Love this product. My sons love their dinosaurs. They are 12″ in length not Iin height which was the only misleading thing. Other than that. I love them

  9. Avatar

    I bought these for my grandson who is 9 months but will give them to him for his birthday. They are advertised as non-toxic and they are very well made. They are large, 10-12″, and realistic.

  10. Avatar

    I bought these as a birthday gift for a 2 year old and they are FANTASTIC. They are wonderfully soft but still detailed like plastic dinosaurs. It’s exactly what I was looking for because he’s still in the “throw everything” phase and I didn’t want him to be able to hurt anyone with a harder plastic.They come in a nice little box that I’ll add some tissue paper to and then wrap. And there is absolutely no smell at all to them – plastic or otherwise.

  11. Avatar

    Purchased as a gift for his birthday. They are a soft rubber, yet flexible. about 12inches tall or wide. Exactly what i was looking for. He plays hard with these dino’s and they are with standing the torture! I would buy these again!

  12. Avatar

    My nephew is going to love these. They are realistic looking, nice big sized and a softer squeezable plastic. Perfect for dinosaur loving toddlers and preschoolers.

  13. Avatar

    What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? We bought this as a first set of dinosaur toys for our 2 year old grandson, and it is great. The figures are large enough so there is no choking risk, but not so large that he can’t comfortably handle 2 or 3 at once. The figures are soft enough so as to be safe, but sturdy enough to stand up to playing.

  14. Avatar

    This is perfect for the two kids (siblings) I am gifting this to- one is two, the other almost 4. They really like dinosaurs so this is perfect for them. I like the size a lot- big but not too big for little kids and thank goodness they are light and a bit soft with no hard edges- so no worries about eyes being poked out or if in a squabble one gets hit in the head- no injury should occur. That would be a concern with heavy, hard plastic. Plus they are not cheap looking at all- great color & look real- of course not an exact scientific replica but they look real enough for young kids.

  15. Avatar

    Purchased these for my 3yr as Bday gift let me just say he hasn’t stopped playing with them…He had others he liked to play pretend with and usually just about took out mine and his dads eyes because they were to hard, these on the other hand are awesome. The detailing is great the material is great and they were actually larger than I expected. For the price I would buy them again!

  16. Avatar

    Bought these as a Christmas present for my four year old, boy and girl, twins and they love them! So realistic that they were easily able to identify three out of the five different figures righy away. Not those hard, plasticy dinosaurs in the past. You could drop one of these on you foot and not break skin.

  17. Avatar

    I got these as a gift for my 3 year old for Christmas. She loves them. I got the 5 pack and I am so happy I did. They will last a long time I can tell. I appreciate that they are soft and not rigid and hard. They stand up very well on her shelf. I love these dinosaurs.

  18. Avatar

    I am so happy with my purchase because my grandson Loves them!!! They are larger than I thought, which is a bonus. He is only 3, so he won’t out grow them anytime soon. He carries one of them where ever he goes in the house! I would highly recommend these dinosaurs for any toddler.

  19. Avatar

    I love the size of these dinos for my 3 year old and how they have their names on their feet. I also love how they are ever so soft so they have just the right flexibility. Just perfect.

  20. Avatar

    I am a bargain shopper and I love to brows and brows and brows before I buy a product. Well I stumbled upon these dinosaurs and decided that these would be the most appropriate for my 3 going on 4 year old son. They are very big most of them you need at least one good hand to play with so you need to be at least three years out maybe even two. I think that I might have been able to find something of this nature for cheaper on Amazon if I would have looked a little bit longer or if I would have been willing to wait until it was so close to Christmas that the things might not get here but because they’re so cheap but long story short he loves them they are very big they are very realistic looking and they seem to look super sturdy.

  21. Avatar

    My son loved these! I have a dino obsessed autistic son and I got these for a Christmas gift. GREAT BUY!! I bought the 5pc and the price was amazing considering my local stores had just one dino ranging from 10-20 each. The material is perfect for us, my kiddo has sensory issues so he does alot of tapping and banging of his Dino’s the material on these (squeezable rubber) makes it so it’s not as loud, huge plus for this Mom. The sizes were big. Highly recommend purchasing these.

  22. Avatar

    These dinosaurs are so perfect for little ones! They are a sturdy, soft rubber. So if the kid whacks you over the head with it, it will be a minor inconvenience instead of a concussion if it were hard plastic.My 1.5 year old loves these. He roars with them, runs with them, plays everything under the son with them. Definitely a great toy all around.

  23. Avatar

    These dinosaurs are exactly what I was looking for! They are large and the plastic is soft. My grandson just turned 2 & is obsessed with dinosaurs. Those I found in local stores were hard and hurt if hit by them. This set is so soft yet sturdy. I like that they are larger than most I’ve seen. I would highly recommend this set of dinosaurs!

  24. Avatar

    Wanted a cool toy dino set that didn’t have built in noises. These are great because not only are the large, but they’re soft too. Not plush like a stuffed animal, but the jaws can be made to close and the torsos can be squeezed.Would buy again.

  25. Avatar

    I opened the box and was excited as my grandson will be! They are LARGE, rubber, colorful dinosaurs. They are pliable, not hard plastic. Most of the other dinosaurs I’d looked at were much too small. These are 12″ long and 8″ – 9″ tall.I’m very happy with the purchase.

  26. Avatar

    They were exactly what I was looking for. Squishy soft but durable rubber dinosaurs that looked real…..and these are it. The boys love them (4 and 19 months) and they are big enough that I won’t step on them. They all stood upright and the name was clearly printed on the bottoms of their feet.

  27. Avatar

    I got these for a granddaughter because I thought she might play with them. We were playing with some of her other toy figures and she was getting pretty aggressive so I thought I would buy her some dinosaur figures and let her see some real monsters. They look pretty sturdy and durable for young kids to play with. I hope she enjoys them.

  28. Avatar

    My two year old freaked when he opened these on his birthday! I should have known they would be quality since they are Boley! The dinosaurs are big but also soft inside, not like those super hard plastic toys that you eventually get in the face or knee caps. Just great overall experience; inexpensive, great quality and nicely packaged.

  29. Avatar

    This is hands down the coolest set of dinosaurs you could ever get for your kids!! Super impressed with the quality and softness of these toys. My 3 year old granddaughter carries them everywhere now. Shoot, I like playing with them!!

  30. Avatar

    My twins are ecstatic over these and they have half the jurassic world ones too.However these guys rank same level for my six year old boys.Pull therm across the floor,battle dinos, etc…..whatever the kids do,these are durable hard thick plastic. It’ll take lots to damage them.Also the details and construction is on point. These dinos have impressive colors, and great attention to details like making sure specific dinos have what they need to classify their breeds.I bought two boxes for the price.Definite recommendation

  31. Avatar

    When they say gargatuan they mean it! These Dino’s are huge and my 2 year old LOVES them! These guys are not the hard plastic you find most larger dinosaurs to be- they are a soft squishy plastic good for dinosaur fights! Even my mother in law who is the director of our local libraries children’s department said these would be perfect for the little ones there.The Dino’s come packed nicely in an awesome box with pictures of dinosaurs know the outside that can continue to be used for storage as needed!I would definitely recommend these for toddlers and they’re a great gift idea for dinosaur lovers!

  32. Avatar

    My son (2yo) absolutely loves these dinosaurs. They are a softer rubber and slightly squeezable so he can hold them better. They stand up and balance really well and he can easily put them on their feet and not be constantly frustrated with them falling over.

  33. Avatar

    These dinosaurs were exactly what I was looking for. They have nice detail, are large, and very important soft. My son (age 2) loves to play dinosaurs and likes to attack with them (with other dinos that have been the hard plastic it hurts) these ones are just right. All the dinosaurs are also able to stand on their own.

  34. Avatar

    My three year old girl loves dinasaurs i have purchased quiet a few elsewhere and some more expensive. Chose these because they looked great and price is great too. After receiving glad i did they are soft compared to ones i purchased elsewhere. She loves them and even falls asleep and takes baths with them. Do recommend to purchase great item to buy.

  35. Avatar

    These toys are perfect for kids 2 and up! They are a great size and I love how bendy yet sturdy these toys are. They were an instant hit with the toddlers I gave them to and even after falling on top of the toys nobody was hurt (not so with hard plastic). These kiddos even demanded to sleep with their dinos so they were clearly loved from the start. I also appreciated that each dinosaur is balanced well and can stand easily on its own, which hard plastic ones struggle to do. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

  36. Avatar

    My 3&1 years old boys just love these fellas!! They play with these dinosaurs at everywhere! I might need to buy one more set because two boys fight too much while playing lol and also very safe for my one years old boy. We used have plastic dinosaurs and these sharp plastic tails and fingers were not safe for my little one But these dinosaurs are soft and big 🙂 very safe and fun for kids!

  37. Avatar

    My only regret was that I didn’t buy two. I have 6 grandchildren ages 10 to 3 and they were wrestling over these dinosaurs last night. They are sturdy, realistic and well made. I will definitely have to buy another set and would recommend these to anyone looking for a great addition to their Nana toy box or as a gift.

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