Hydor H2Show Lost Civilization – Left Aztec Pyramid Decoration, 12″ x 7″ x 2.8″

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  • Create a spectacular 3-D scene in your aquarium with H2Show Worlds! Three scenes to choose from; Magic World, Lost Civilizations and Atlantis.
  • Ornaments made of non-toxic materials and are hand-painted.
  • Made from durable materials.

Product Images

Hydor H2Show Lost Civilization - Left Aztec Pyramid Decoration, 12" x 7" x 2.8"

Hydor H2Show Lost Civilization - Left Aztec Pyramid Decoration, 12" x 7" x 2.8"

Hydor H2Show Lost Civilization - Left Aztec Pyramid Decoration, 12" x 7" x 2.8"

Product description

H2Show Lost Civilization Aztec Pyramid Decoration is part of the Lost Civilization World theme for aquariums. It is designed to be placed in the back left corner of the aquarium. Also available in the Lost Civilization World theme are Right Forest Decoration, Calander and Snake Combo Pack, Crystal Skull centerpiece Decoration, and Lost Civilization Background. H2Show Bubble Maker and LED lights can be used with the centerpiece decoration or individually for spectacular visual effects. LEDs are available in the following colors; Blue, Red, Green, White and Multicolor.

  1. Avatar

    Very nice. It is packaged so well, you can hardly get it out of the box! Nice resin. hides my intake and air hoses. Wish I could find the right hand one as well.

  2. Avatar

    Excellent it goes good with the tank I have. If I know someone that going to have a fish tank, recommend this product for them

  3. Avatar

    Its awsome. I love the colors and the shape of it. I would recomend it to everybody. It looks great in my fish tank.

  4. Avatar

    Glad I purchased this. Fits well right in my tank and looks very cool with the theme. Good design and as long as it’s right against the glass, none of the fish get back there.

  5. Avatar

    Absolutely perfect for large aquariums. The pyramid anchors the left side and with a well placed spotlight looks very mysterious

  6. Avatar

    Not as tall as I would like, but, still worked fine. Raised it up about 2 inches. Glued it to the side of the tank. about 1 inch from the back. This hides my heater. Built the substrate up and it looks perfect. Good spot for the clams. Nice hiding spot behind it for other small fish

  7. Avatar

    Just beautiful. Wish they made the right side too. Hallowed in the back and looks even better in the water. Lighter then I would have thought.

  8. Avatar

    Looks great in the tank. Only gave 4 because didn’t realize its perfectly flat and hollow in the back. It cant go right in the corner of my tank because of the filter so it sticks out and the fish constantly just hide behind it.

  9. Avatar

    Looks great in my aquarium

  10. Avatar

    Thank you just as pictured

  11. Avatar

    Great piece to my 15 gallon tall tank. Would have given it 5 stars if cost was $5-8 lower.

  12. Avatar

    looks great

  13. Avatar

    Came on time and was as described .

  14. Avatar

    2″, as expected. Looks nice. Hollow back. But, yeah the glue is ruthless! I used pliers to pull off as much as I could.

  15. Avatar

    Love it! It was a little bit awkward trying to get it in the very back corner of the tank but then I decided to move it over a few inches and it worked out great.

  16. Avatar

    Unique looking ornament…..especially for those who like ancient ruins! It fits perfectly against the back of the tank.

  17. Avatar

    Nice aquarium statue, the only thing I don’t like is that it is uneven when you try stick it to the end of the aquarium.

  18. Avatar

    Back is hollow have to have it against back of tank but I left a gap that some fish hide in

  19. Avatar

    Hydor H2Show Lost Civilization – Left Aztec Pyramid Decoration, 12″ x 7″ x 2.8″ is a great addition to my fish tank, though I would say it is not that easy to clean, all those nooks and crannies… still it looks fantastic!

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