Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

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Product Images

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

Jurassic World Primal Pal Blue

From the manufacturer


Be a Part of the Jurassic World Action and Adventure!

Primal Pal Blue captures Blue as a young Velociraptor in her training sessions with Owen!

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Blue Comes to Life with Realistic Movement and Sound Effects!

Press different areas on Blue?s body to activate innovative movements and realistic sounds!

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Blue?s on the Move!

Press Blue?s back to watch her wiggle from side to side!

Head Action and Chomping

Press arm area for head movement and jaw chomping!

10+ Realistic Sound Effects!

Relive the movie action with sounds like roaring, jungle sounds and more!

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Film-Inspired Toy Captures Imaginations!

Recreate movie scenes or make up new adventures with ferociously adorable Primal Pal Blue!

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Product description

Be a part of the Jurassic World action and adventure! Inspired by fan favorite, Velociraptor Blue, this Primal Pal dinosaur figure captures the magic of Blue as a young Velociraptor, bonding with Owen in her first training sessions! Kids can bring Primal Pal Blue to life by pressing down on her back, which will unlock her innovative, realistic movements. You can watch her wiggle from side to side; rotate her neck and torso, and open and close her jaws to activate movie-inspired sound effects! Primal Pal Blue also includes neck, shoulder, tail and feet articulation for ultimate posing possibilities! With her realistic eyes and stylized design, she’s ferociously adorable! Colors and decorations may vary. For ages 4 and up.

  1. Avatar

    Awesome blue toy! My sons love it! Plenty of sounds and action

  2. Avatar

    My son loved it. Well worth it

  3. Avatar

    Great gift

  4. Avatar

    My son was just totally taken with Blue, and so this seemed a good choice.It’s hard plastic, so will definitely stand up to play. The movement is pretty well done, and the sounds are well done. The speaker doesn’t make it sound TOO tinny.Eyes are well done, definitely more detailed than most toys are.Nice toy for any fan of Blue.

  5. Avatar

    Whether a gift for a child or an adult collector like myself, this Jurassic World Primal Pal will thrill and delight!! Since the first movie released in 1993 dinosaurs have become a family interest we all share in.This Jurassic World Dino Rivals, Primal Pal has details that will please the pickiest of dino afficianados. The colors are vivid and from the claws to its teeth you’ll be pleased with it’s lifelike modeling. One thing my photos can’t show you is the different sounds this Dinosaur makes when you tilt his head forward. Be forewarned he’s a beast with a lot to say! I enthusiastically recommend this as it will bring hours of imaginative playtime fun for a child or boasting right for an adult collector. I hope my experience has helped you but in my heart I believe you’ll love him as much as I do.

  6. Avatar

    My son (16 months) just recently got into dinosaurs. Every time I put Jurassic World on (it’s on TV quite a bit now), he points at the dinosaurs and says “rahhhh”!I was so excited that he’s finally liking dinosaurs and for this toy to come it. He grabs it and says “rahhh” and brings it to us to get it to make the dinosaur noises.I know he’s probably not the intended age for it (that’s why I didn’t take off any stars), but he isn’t coordinated enough to bend the head/neck to get it to make noises, we have to do it for him. He tries though!It also has a lot of different noises, not just one or two.Would absolutely recommend! Blue is my favorite!

  7. Avatar

    This dinosaur is well made with good quality plastic. You can press the down button on the back to unlock the realistic movement. It can wiggle from side to side. As well it can rotate its neck and torso. It can also open and close its jaws. It has a realistic look and design, and the sounds is really dinosaur/like.

  8. Avatar

    Probably my grandsons most favorite toy. Sturdy, fun, and worth the money

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    This is a very cool dinosaur toy – my 3 year old has not stopped playing with it for weeks. Its limbs and tail can move, and it makes cute little dino noises. It is very well made, and excellent quality.

  11. Avatar

    I love it! My son is a huge Jurassic Park fan and we were excited to receive Blue. As soon as you begin to open the packaging you can tell, its a great quality toy, great paint detail and feels very well made.It appears it is a toddler version of blue, not a full grown raptor. Feels like a more playful version vs a vicious raptor. Great addition to any collection, highly recommend to any JW/JP Fan!

  12. Avatar

    My son loves it!! I thought it would have been a little bit bigger but still a good toy.. has a ton of different words and noises he makes..

  13. Avatar

    Grandson is going to love it! Well made

  14. Avatar

    My two year old grandson is in love with dinosaurs. So, I thought this would be perfect for him. It bends and it roars.I love it.When I showed it to him, I told him it was going to roar. Then, it roared. He cried, and cried, and cried some more. I guess he is still a bit young for it.So, I guess I will just enjoy it until he gets old enough to appreciate it.It really is adorable.

  15. Avatar

    Blue is one of the most important dinosaurs and the eldest of the 4 velociraptors in Jurassic World. The colors seem to be pretty spot on compared to some of the other Blue figures I have seen. Sound is good, glass eyes make this one stand out. Must have for jurassic lovers!

  16. Avatar

    My 9 year old son absolutely loves the entire line of Jurassic World toy dinosaurs, and there’s some that are his all-time favorites. This is definitely one of them.Out of aaaaaaall their toy dinosaurs, this one is absolutely the most cutest, adorable one there is out there. Blue wiggles hips and extends their neck out while opening the jaws to catch something. Rawr! The head tilts, the coloring is spot on, and the eyes are a little more large for the “cute” effect than others – which makes it all the more lovable.Overall, this is a really sturdy, well-constructed toy that’s built to withstand small and older children playing roughly with it. They took the cuteness level up a notch or two with this one, and it just works. Perfect for any Jurassic World fan (or even just a dinosaur fan in general). Love it!

  17. Avatar

    Great primo pal dinosaur with at least a dozen different sounds from screeching to cackling to purring. Super cool sounds and s/he looks cool too.Just push down on the shoulders and watch the mouth open and fun dinosaur sounds smoothly spill out.Comes with the battery already installed.At the time of this review the retail price was under $25 which is reasonable for the quality.

  18. Avatar

    Loved it so much I bought a second one. The sounds , movement and appearance really bring baby Blue to life. I purchased both as gifts for Jurassic world lovers.

  19. Avatar

    My 8-year-old grandson loves this! It makes noise, is a good size for little hands, and is perfect for tormenting his sister– I mean engaging in interactive play with others. It is very sturdy– it’s survived several weeks of constant, active and sometimes rough play. I would definitely order others in this series for the grandkids.

  20. Avatar

    Love it

  21. Avatar

    Nice toy and excelent delivery.

  22. Avatar

    Fun toy. Realistic sounds and movements.

  23. Avatar

    Amazing raptor toy for my 6 year old and a great price! He is a nice size, sturdy and seems durable! Love!

  24. Avatar

    My toddler really enjoyed it

  25. Avatar

    With its big eyes, this one of the “cuter” of the Jursasic Park dino toys out there right now. Some are down right fierce and scary looking! But this one looks like a baby raptor dinosaur. My 6 year old son is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and Jurassic Park and he’s is slowly collecting ALL the Jurassic Park figures. This is one of his favorites so far.It’s very fun with the sounds and movements, not all of them make sounds like this one. If you know a child with a Jurassic Park obsession, then this would make the perfect gift! Like I said, it’s among the cuter of the Jurassic Park toys out there right now and more interactive than the others. It stands up nicely for display on his dresser when it’s not being played with. Very cute, definitely recommended!

  26. Avatar

    Excelente producto.

  27. Avatar

    My son loved this toy. Well built and cheaper then other retailers.

  28. Avatar

    He loved it.

  29. Avatar

    Love it!!!! Thx

  30. Avatar

    grandchildren enjoy this, lol dog growls at it. made very well. had to buy an extra one for 11-year-old grandchild had to have one too. my grandson 3 enjoys playing with this. it moves and makes sounds. perfect fora toy dinosaur. nice size.

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