VTech Learn & Discover Pretty Party Playset

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  • Toddler kitchen play-set gives interactive responses and encourages imaginative play; put pieces in their place to see them light up and interact
  • Toddler pretend play-set has 70+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases; Infant learning toy teaches shapes and colors with cakes and cookies
  • The baby Playset includes a pitcher of pretend lemonade, cups and sweet treats to share with friends
  • 6 sing-along songs are included with the electronic learning toy; As the pitcher is tipped the liquid inside moves to simulate real play
  • Toddler tea set toy is intended for kids 6 months to 3 years of age; 2 AA batteries are required for operation and are included

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VTech Learn & Discover Pretty Party Playset

VTech Learn & Discover Pretty Party Playset

VTech Learn & Discover Pretty Party Playset

VTech Learn & Discover Pretty Party Playset

Product description

Play and explore with the learn & discover pretty party Playset by VTech. This interactive set includes a pitcher of pretend lemonade, cups and sweet treats to share with friends. Put the playset pieces on the tray to see the pitcher and tray light-up and learn about colors, shapes, objects and more!

  1. Avatar

    I bought this for my grandniece when she was born not quite 10 months ago. She had gotten a bunch of clothes so I figured my niece could put it away until she was older. I was really surprised when my niece told me a couple of months ago that she was already playing with it. She told me that Paisley loves the different songs the tea kettle plays and she holds the cup in her hands and mimics drinking. The little pastries come out and the tea kettle lights up. She will be 10 months in a few days and I think she will get a lot of play time before she out grows it!

  2. Avatar

    This was a Christmas gift for my 17 month old. She really enjoys the music and sounds, and she got a little kitchen this year so she has begun to play pretend with eating and drinking pretend things. The little cakes are the perfect size for her little hands. I think this toy will be played with for a long time. It’s very well made and totally adorable.

  3. Avatar

    This is an adorable playset. It’s well built and quite interesting for my 1.5 year old daughter. She’s dropped this toy numerous times and we’ve never had any problems with it malfunctioning. She loves the realistic “pouring” from the pitcher and the songs it sings as she puts the pieces back. I would absolutely purchase this again.

  4. Avatar

    I bought this toy as a gift for my one year old for Easter. Ever since we opened it has been one of her go to toys to play with, but also my three year old loves playing with it too. My girls play with this for hours. I definitely recommend this toy to anyone with little girls who love tea parties, and playing house. Great quality product that is fun and educational. It teaches shapes and colors.

  5. Avatar

    PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT!!!!!I can’t say it enough! Haha! I got this set for my 1.5 yr old so she could have her own tea set like her big sister. This is such a hit in our house. We’ve had it for a week and it gets played with everyday! Even the older kids like it. The tea pot is cute. Yes, it does play music but its not too annoying and honestly, my little likes it without the music.If you’re on the fence, just trust me. Get it.

  6. Avatar

    I have a two-year old great niece who is a Down syndrome baby and she LOVES this. Not only can she play tea party, but it allows her to reinforce skills by taking and replacing the treats in their correct “holes.” So educational, but also fun. Very durable. What a great idea. It truly is a great lean and discover toy. I highly recommend!!

  7. Avatar

    I got this for my daughters 1st birthday. She loves it! It sings some cute songs and asks her to find the different food (which she can’t do yet but soon). She pretends to drink from the cups and brings me food. It keeps her entertained for a while so it’s a win in my book! The songs will get stuck in your head though!!

  8. Avatar

    Just got this today. SO DARN CUTE! Can’t wait to give it to my granddaughter for Christmas!

  9. Avatar

    Fun toy! My kids love serving tea and enjoy how interactive this toy is. The bright lights keep their attention and I love how educational this toy can be with the shapes and colors. It is helping my 2 year old with his speech development.

  10. Avatar

    Our granddaughter was delighted with this set. She is 1 1/2 yes old and loves sound and movement. She is learning colors and her daddy and mommy day this toy is great for learning.

  11. Avatar

    Could this be any cuter?! I love this toy. This was given to a 1 1/2 year old girl as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loves having parties with her dollies and serving the cakes and lemon juice. The music is fun and not overwhelming. The serving pitcher lights up and is happy happy. The shapes are a good educational aspect but serving cakes and lemonade make the party complete. I recommend this toy.

  12. Avatar

    Cute toy for you little one. We purchased this for my 13 month old for Christmas and it was great! Even came with batteries and was ready to be played with immediately! The little food prices actually click into their spots for a nice clean up. Teapot looks so real that my older kids actually thought I filled it up with juice. I would definitely recommend this toy!

  13. Avatar

    Greatest little tea set ever! It sings about the lemonade and each of the treats is a shape which it talks about. Excellent choice. I brought with little book “My first tea party

  14. Avatar

    Very cute, my 7 month old loves it. She like to chew on the cakes and press all the buttons. She is still to young to know he concept of pouring the lemonade and stuff but it’s a cute toy that she enjoys.

  15. Avatar

    I bought this for my granddaughter’s bday Jan 22. She really was excited about it since she loves play tea and pretending to make tea for others to drink. I thought the tea cut lit up initially when she was pouring into the cups, now its not lighting up unless its on the Tray. Can someone tell me if this is a malfunction or in fact if it doesn’t light up when pouring which would be a total bummer. It’s only been two days…so I’m interested in know if this product has a malfunction because I will notify V-tech or Amazon immediately.

  16. Avatar

    Another great VTech toy. My daughter loves to have tea parties and this toy is a fun alternative to typical tea party sets. The desserts are adorable, they tray is great and everything clicks into place. The tea pot lights up when it’s on the tray and the tray plays different sounds and songs when pressed. I plan to buy more like this to add to her playroom collection.

  17. Avatar

    This is a great tea set, except it’s not. I only took a star off because it is a lemonade set and not a tea set. It says lemonade set in the description which I only read after giving it to my daughter for Christmas. It’s easy enough to pretend it’s not a tea set, except the song says let’s drink some lemonade and my daughter loves the song.It’s a fun set and great quality. Just one star off because the title of the item does not say lemonade.

  18. Avatar

    The first one arrived with 3 of the little “treats” missing! The 2nd one arrived in great condition with everything intact. My granddaughter LOVES this. I love that it has loud, medium and off volume controls. My granddaughter has sent it crashing to the (carpeted) floor a few times, and it still works like new.

  19. Avatar

    Fabulous toy. My granddaughter is 18 months old and immediately engaged with it. She loved the lemonade pitcher that makes ice clunking sounds as you pour it. The tea cups, pitcher and food click into place making the play uninterrupted because everything remains on the tray and doesn’t fall off Love this and would make a great gift. She loves playing with it. Perfect size for a toddler.

  20. Avatar

    Got this for her first bday – she loves it!

  21. Avatar

    So cute!! We bought this as a gift for a 2 year old and my 3.5 year old wanted it too!! It sings and lights up and the little dessert tray says the shapes when you press them down. Very cute!!

  22. Avatar

    My 8 month old loves this toy. Good quality and very cute.

  23. Avatar

    Bought this for my 9 month granddaughter and she loves it! It is easy for her to pick up the pieces and the lights and music are very entertaining for her.

  24. Avatar

    Adorable set. I originally ordered thinking it was a first tea set. It is actually a lemonade set. But cute and very educational. Looming forward to when my daughter can play with it a little better.

  25. Avatar

    I love it and my great granddaughter love it. I love for all my grand children and great grand children to learn while they are playing.Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

  26. Avatar

    This is really cute. It’s not too loud (my daughter doesn’t like really loud toys and she loved this one). It’s a lot of fun and my daughter played with this for a long time. She’s a little old for it now, but it had a good long run!

  27. Avatar

    My 1 year old daughter love it and my 4 years old son too!!! The play a lot with it! The music es nice and you can control de volumen!

  28. Avatar

    Seems a lot of toys like this are neutral. But we are enjoying the first grandchild-daughter experience so we thought this would be a fun “girly” kind of gift. It has the few shapes to sort and it lights up and plays music and all. Parents can adjust the volume and it seems like it has just enough for a little one to handle. We are looking forward to giving it to her.

  29. Avatar

    I bought this for my 15 month old niece for Christmas. She opened it and immediately started playing with it! She seemed to gravitate to the pitcher and cups right out of the gate. She was offering and “sharing” with everyone. I think it was the toy of the night for her! I’m very happy!

  30. Avatar

    Bought this for my grandbaby twins. They are 1-1/2. They love it. It sings songs, talks about the object when you put it in the right place. The lemonade has “ice cubes” and it looks like they are really pouring. I am so glad I got this , they never get tired of playing with it.

  31. Avatar

    My niece loves this set and I think it’ll last for a long time and I love the fact that she can play at a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level toy, so cute!

  32. Avatar

    This is adorable PLUS it’s a learning toy. One of the best gifts Ive bought.

  33. Avatar

    Came on time for Christmas. My great granddaughter loved it. Bright colors! Just the present for a little 1 year old.

  34. Avatar

    Gave this as a gift to my 2 year old niece Looked like a cute tea set! Not sure if she plays with it

  35. Avatar

    My grandbaby went crazy over this little tea set. Omgosh it was adorable.

  36. Avatar

    8 month old loves this lemonade tea set. The songs are easy to hear.

  37. Avatar

    They really liked it no complaints

  38. Avatar

    This was a birthday gift for my great-granddaughter and it arrived over some detours, but Amazon was great in handling the situation, and my granddaughter tells me that her daughter uses the set every day to impress her baby sister, who would like to get her fingers on it, as well.

  39. Avatar

    My 2 year old loves this toy. Great for imaginitive play, fine motor skills & social play.

  40. Avatar

    Grandchildren have so many toys its hard not to duplicate but I hadn’t seen this in the stores so bought it for granddaughter. Lots of fun!

  41. Avatar

    Purchased for my granddaughter’s first birthday! She loves her tea set! I also purchased a book called “My First Tea Party”. Very cute gift!

  42. Avatar

    My 18 month old daughter loves this! One of her favorite toys. She loves the noises it makes, the lights and the toy in general. Very cute and fun!

  43. Avatar

    I got this for my one year old niece. She absolutely loves it! She plays with it for a long time. And it is educational, not just a toy!

  44. Avatar

    Bought as a birthday present for my granddaughter’s 1st birthday and she loves it. Actually pretty much all the kids at the party, including the older ones wanted to play with it.

  45. Avatar

    She loves to play tea party with this set and feed everyone and give them drinks over and over lol

  46. Avatar

    My grandson even wants to play with his sister with this set. Great imagination toy

  47. Avatar

    My granddaughter loves this! Sounds, lights and big parts for little hands! Hours of imaginative play.

  48. Avatar

    Too cute thought it was a tea sit but the pitcher sings time for some lemonade lol what ever it is still cute

  49. Avatar

    A first birthday gift that will be played with a lot. She loves the kitchen and now has her own tea set to use. Music and lights what more could a 1 yr old ask for?

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